As a spectator, a fashion show may seem simple to you. But behind these events, an army of specialists who prevent and control the chaos is always present and working hard to ensure that everything goes according to the plan.

Months of planning and training and an army of people who make sure that in the end, everything gets out perfectly: this is the real definition of what happens behind a great fashion event such as the Harrogate Bridal Show!

 The Real Atmosphere before the Fashion Show

The effort is much greater when the event focuses on the style of the most famous fashion ladies and men around the globe. Unmistakable styles adopted by the most popular celebrities reach the surface during the fashion show of the year. For the big date when the show takes place, the specialists are getting ready from the early hours of the morning.

The models are getting ready for several hours before the spectacular presentation with the help of make-up artists and hairstylists.  They must look perfect on the stage and present the magical story behind the unique design pieces that have been created for them to wear in front of large audiences looking to feel the emotion transmitted by the designers through their works of art.

The most popular designers have to face a great challenge. Each of the creators involved in the show has prepared several pieces inspired by the most famous fashion ladies and men months in advance. The fashion show brings on stage both established designers and young creators who are at the beginning of their evolution path, hoping to get recognition for their special talent and dedication to work.

The glimpse of enthusiasm in the eyes of the audience attending these events is the real reward for those working behind the scenes to innovate the fashion world with every new show they organize with the purpose of presenting their glamorous work.

Basic Rules that Govern a Successful Fashion Show

From certain perspectives, any fashion show, whether it is organized by a famous designer or several fashion students as their promotion event, by a single retailer or a shopping venue in order to promote a newly launched collection, emphasize the value of another event or for raising money for a noble cause, being organized in a sumptuous villa or in a small space, is subject to the same basic rules.

In all the above cases, when you have the task of organizing a fashion show, you need a location, a modeling agency, a team of several make-up artists and hair stylists, professional photographers, lights, music, sound, decor, PR teams, security teams besides, of course, a team of stylist-assistants and a source for gorgeous clothing.

Everything occurring on the big day must match the expectations of the public looking to be there when a new history story in the fashion industry is being written. More than a logical sequence, the organization of a successful fashion show is represented by a series of steps that are taken simultaneously: the budget is discussed in parallel with the development of a concept board and the casting is done at the same time as finding the location.

All in all, these actions sum up a lot of hard work, attention to details and dedication which are required to plan the greatest fashion show of the year! The ultimate goal of such a fashion event is to show the world something different from what has been seen before, something that can take the fashion industry to the next level and which can represent the new history lesson for fashion enthusiasts.

A Fascinating Fashion Show for Those Who Love Beauty & Creativity

The organization and the coordination of the chaos behind a spectacular fashion show in 2017 are essential even though it may not be a glamorous aspect in comparison to the end-results. It requires intellectual and physical effort, synchronization and coordination, visual memory, good time management, long hours of work and handling the nerves that are being stretched to the maximum. 

The fashion show must be a clear proof of the creativity of the best designers and stylists, an example of the aesthetic vision of the season for the brands involved but it must also be a short, easy to follow, fascinating, well-built show.

Ideally, everything has to go without flaws that day: the models know their entrances and their steps follow the rhythm of the music, the flash of the cameras shine simultaneously, the clothes are prepared behind the scenes so that there might not be any dead moments for those who attend this glamorous show.

Everything should take place in no more than a couple of perfect hours, although the preparations for such an event may last for weeks. This is what happens behind the scenes of any fashion show, small or big, national or international, without exceptions.

Get Ready to Be Amazed by the Perfection of a 2017 Bridal Show



When we consider a fashion show such as the Harrogate Bridal Show, everything needs to be perfect and no details ever go unnoticed.  Everything you might expect from a great fashion show occurs in the case of such leading events organized each year: runway show times, the appearance of new names with great talent that waits to be discovered and spectacular works of fashion art as well as the presentation of premium brands who never disappoint their audience.

Not to mention the magic behind the Bridal Buyer Awards, the trend setting collections and the cutting-edge labels that never cease to impress everyone. If you like fashion, attending such an event is like the best gift you could ever offer yourself. The real emotion behind the stage, the vibrant expectations of the public who shares the passion for fashion and the perfect hours of a unique celebration of glamour and fashion entertainment will remain vivid in your mind for years to come.

Get ready to witness the real magic of fashion shows such as the Harrogate Bridal Show this year and see the latest trends that will shape the future of the industry!