Summer is a beautiful season to tie the knot, but there are a couple of things to take into account when selecting your bridal gown. In a previous article, we shared with you a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding dress for a summer affair.

We looked at fabrics and lengths and tried our best to give you a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect bridal gown for your big day. Today we’re pushing the envelope and taking it one step further into what makes a fabulous summer wedding dress. One that’s light, comfortable but awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and memorable.

Let’s start, shall we:

6 Types of Fabulous Summer Wedding Dresses to Wear for an Unforgettable Look

1. The Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Featuring one of the most feminine and romantic details, the off-shoulder wedding dress makes a fabulous choice for a summer wedding. It’s been reigning the trends charts for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style too soon since designers continue to find new utterly elegant ways to integrate this beautiful detail into bridal couture. Just look at Meghan Markle’s royal dress and you’ll see our point. As they said, her dress featured a “graphic open bateau neckline that gracefully frames the shoulders and emphasizes the slender sculpted waist”.

Now, even the description is irresistibly charming. However, the above didn’t help us make the case for the off-shoulder wedding dress as a fabulous choice for summer, maybe this simple fact will:

If you feel too “exposed” wearing a strapless gown and hate the idea of sleeves on your dress, then the off-shoulder wedding gown is a perfect way to mix the best of two worlds to achieve a most romantic and mysterious look.

2. The Sleeveless Wedding Dress

While not everyone is a fan of the sleeveless or strapless wedding dress, we know how torid summers can get, and that every bit of extra fabric can feel too much under the scorching summer sun.  

Sleeveless wedding dresses are some of the most popular bridal styles out there, and while that means you’ll stumble upon them quite frequently in bridal shops, it also means that you’re going to get a lot of design diversity. So, if your heart is set on a wedding dress without any sleeves or straps, you’re in for a treat, since you’ll have numerous styles to choose yours.

It can be as sophisticated or as ethereal you want it to be. In fact, when the cut is just right and the fabrics are quality, both classic and modern styled sleeveless wedding dresses can make you look absolutely breathtaking walking down the aisle. Oh and since it’s summer, you get a chance to show off some of that beautifully tanned skin.

3. The Open & Low Back Wedding Dress

Oh boy, do we love the open back wedding dress! It’s incredibly sexy, romantic, simply a drop-dead gorgeous style for a bride who wants to make an unforgettable look. This style will look stunning walking down the aisle and will keep you comfortable during your summer wedding party.  

Don’t worry – this type of dress doesn’t have to be ultra sexy. In fact, whether soft and floaty or figure-hugging, the open and low back wedding dresses come in a variety of designs, ready to match your image of the perfect bridal look for you. We like to combine the sculptural silhouette of a classic A-line with the WOW factor of modern textures of flowery fabrics and just the right amount of cleavage. In the end, we create designs that offer something beautiful for every bride, from classic and romantic to rebellious and fun. 

4. The High Leg Slit Wedding Dress

If you have a specific fabric in mind, like damask or duchess satin, prepare for some heat. One way to make the dress breezier is to go with wedding dresses with asymmetric lengths (short in the front, long in the back) or with high leg slits. 

Just imagine the slow summer breeze brushing softly through your dress, showing off just the right amount of skin. Oh and your long, gorgeous legs. Sounds like a whimsical image taken right from the pages of a fashion magazine, right? Well, that could easily be you on your big day. 

5. The Sheer Wedding Dress

A little bolder, definitely unconventional, the sheer wedding dress plays with fabric textures and opacity to create a fashion statement. This style is all about understated luxury and fabrics play a big role in creating an unforgettable dress.

The softest nude tulle should be part of this aethereal story, in combination with luxuriant, almost opulent lace and embroidery. It is essential that all fabrics are as natural as they get to make sure your summer wedding look will be flowy and comfortable despite that scorching heat. 

6. The Colorful Wedding Dress

Summer weddings – oh boy, do we love them! The warmest season of the year brings blue skies, sunny weather, blooms of all colors and fragrances and so many more venue opportunities (yes, we are definitely thinking beach weddings and fancy outdoor ceremonies with garden parties). Yet, this season is perfect for one more type of dress: the colorful wedding dress.

While ivory, white and alabaster are the norm year-round, the summer gives you the opportunity to break the norm and bring out the colors. From soft pinks, to vibrant blues and yellows, to the sweetest pastels, summers are a great time to wear colorful wedding dresses. 

Whether hand painted, adorned with blooms or of a different color entirely, the colorful wedding dress is going to be a ravishing statement of romance and femininity.