We are so happy to congratulate our bride, Monica, on her wedding day and to welcome her to our family! It was such a pleasure to accommodate and consult her during her very own wedding dress journey. She chose our Piovine wedding dress, a retro-inspired gorgeous gown which we actually featured recently on our blog. You can go ahead and read the full dress story right here.

Monica tied the knot in Sinaia, a stunning mountain resort nestled in a fir-clad valley, with old age buildings, ancient forests and home to one of the most beautiful historic sights in Romania: Peles Castle. She wanted to wear a wedding dress that would match the charming, fairytale setting of the place, the old-age charm of the ballroom location of the wedding reception and enhance her silhouette in all the right places.

And so she did. Our modern-day princess chose her Piovine retro wedding dress one year before her wedding day. This romantic dress, adorned with beautiful hand appliques, textured lace embroideries and a fabulous V cleavage was the perfect fit for our discerning bride.

Monica gracefully agreed to tell us a little bit about her wedding shopping journey, how she came to fall in love with our Piovine long-sleeved wedding dress and to share some of her experience with all of you brides-to-be.

How long have you been searching for your wedding dress?

I actually started to look for my wedding dress one year and a half before the wedding day. I started searching when the market was full with bridal shows, but I was a bit wary about all of those. It sounded like it would be too much of a hassle to try and find a wedding dress I’d like in all that noise and with so many people around fidgeting and looking for their own dresses.

So I decided to start my wedding dress research online. I actually found a couple of dresses that looked nice and wanted to book appointments but those vendors didn’t bother to answer to my messages. And for a while I actually refrained from actively looking. But wedding bells were sounding louder and louder and a month later I decided to try again. And happily enough for me, I found you lovely ladies and your showroom.

How was your first fitting?

Surprisingly enough, I loved my first wedding dress fitting. And I even found my dress, how crazy is that?

When I first arrived in your showroom I wasn’t even thinking that would be the day I would actually find my wedding dress. I was there to see the full bridal collection, and dip my toe in the whole wedding shopping process, but the bridal consultants, the atmosphere and then the actual dress completely changed how the day went on.

At first I was a bit nervous to be honest. Especially since the first 3 wedding dresses I tried turned out to be exactly what I didn’t want. I was getting a bit anxious, but then one of your consultants suggested I try something different. A new silhouette, one that I didn’t even take into account for myself. And when I put that dress on, oh boy, I felt like all those fairy tales are true. I kid you not, I felt like a modern-day princess who just got that perfect dress to sweep the prince off his feet.

Did you have any expectations for your wedding dress?

I actually had quite a long list of what my wedding dress should or should not be. I wanted a bridal gown that would be comfortable, really light and representative of my style and personality. I was also very determined to find a dress that would keep me comfortable and cool (as much as possible) since I would have my wedding day during summer. I ended up choosing Piovine, which is a long-sleeved wedding dress, but I totally loved it.

It was also important for me to wear a wedding dress that wasn’t the classical ball-gown, sweetheart neckline, all princessy and sparkly type. I didn’t want a long train, nor too many beads and ruffles.

Did you start shopping for your dress with a budget on mind?

Oh boy, was this a tough one. I initially had a hard time deciding how important this purchase was for me and how much money I wanted to invest in my wedding dress. Any girl would love to wear an Elie Saab or Inbal Dror wedding gown, but honestly, investing over $2500 in a bridal gown seemed excessive. So I decided I would stay under that budget and truth be told, having a budget on mind made my wedding dress shopping a lot easier since I knew what I could afford and what not.

What made you fall in love with our Piovine wedding dress?

It’s hard to say. You know, I’ve heard brides saying they just knew. I didn’t get that, until it happened to me.

I loved everything about Piovine: the beautiful two-toned lace, the deep V-cleavage, the double-tiered sleeves, the pearls highlighting the waist and the organza overlay skirt. It was light, so easy to move in and most importantly it looked fabulous on my body.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with brides-to-be looking for their ONE wedding dress?

I’d tell them to maybe stress a little less about looking perfect. As long as they are happy and smiling they are going to steal the show anyway. Oh and it helps to have an open mind when it comes to picking wedding dress silhouettes.

We know finding your dream wedding dress isn’t easy. It’s a scary time. But it can also be super exciting and dreamy. We’d love to help you have that amazing experience. For more tips on wedding dress shopping, check out our dedicated guide, right here.

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