Three years ago, we launched in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Fashion by Laina -a brand that dresses elegant, cheerful, and in trend ladies; ladies interested in inovation. Then, we were excited, but confident at the same time; that brand continues its journey this year under it’s new name Laina Couture.

It’s been almost three years, and we believe that we’ve succeeded or, at least endeavored, to offer quality, innovation and style, complexity, good taste and high art creations.

With the same passion and dedication, convinced that each end means a new beginning, determined by the trends in the field and eager for evolution.  Whilst putting the clients in the foreground together we form a consolidated team.  Here we come in 2020!  A new year, a year of of changes, new beginnings and the launch of Laina Couture. We’ve had an exciting journey so far which has far exceeded our expectations, and thanks to you, our clients, we hope to continue and be at least the same as before.

2 brands, the same story

With the change from Fashion by Laina to Laina Couture we wish to have, together with you, a collaboration as fruitful and mutually advantageous as before; let’s walk along the same path, supported by even the name Laina – of Finnish origin, which means light, the way.

We remain the same trusted partners, always available to customers to offer them not only dresses, but also experiences – each time: more surprising and more “elegant”, because we are in continuous competition with ourselves and we want to be able to raise the expectations of our clientelle.

We consider this transition of re-branding a higher level and very beneficial. We leave the formalism in exchange for an even deeper approach to the business partners: the clients who have been, are and will be the center of our attention.

Beyond creations through Laina Couture, you find the same flexibility and devotion, the fascination to create the most suitable evening and wedding dresses and if you want to reinvent yourself, like the creations of Laina Couture, the same distinct personality that sets you apart.

This new approach comes to strengthen and reorientate, innovate and mature our style and design; it is intended to be a significant step in the evolution of the Laina Couture brand, which we are confident you will continue to appreciate.

With the opportunity given to us by those who cross our threshold of being close to the most significant and personal events of your life we promise you that we will give you our utmost attention so that you always shine in a stylish outfit.  You will feel good in your own skin, be yourself and radiate a positivism and a good disposition, have a presence of spirit and display elegance to your audience.

So let’s make a good team together, because the Laina Couture story goes on!