Whether you are looking for a source of inspiration or not, we are certain that you have been impressed, at least once, by one of the evening dresses that have been worn by famous celebrities on different occasions.  Some of them have become an established landmark both on the stage of international fashion events and for women everywhere.

What keeps the audience interested in their choices relates to the surprising way in which they manage to look fabulous in an effortless-chic manner even when they are on the Red Carpet. Moreover, many celebrities have repeatedly demonstrated to us the fact that style does not have to be strictly related to the price of the dresses they have chosen to wear.   

Many of them have even displayed their beautiful figures in elegant evening gowns that are accessible to the general public. Therefore, we can always follow their example when choosing the outfit that will make us feel like real princesses during the next special event that we shall attend this summer.  Here are some valuable pieces of advice in terms of evening dress trends in 2017 that you can follow if you are looking to buy the perfect item to wear on the next special celebration day in your life.

Time to Shine, Ladies!

Any sophisticated event such as a wedding, a birthday party or a baptism, requires you to wear a special evening gown. Specialists also recommend you to wear long dresses in the evening. Glossy materials have dominated the podiums where the new collections of long evening dresses have been presented by famous designers this year.

This is the reason why we also recommend you to choose long gowns that feature silver or golden shades which can be a perfect match in terms of style and color for everyone this summer. Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab are some of the famous names that have chosen to add shining elements to their most fashionable evening collections of 2017.

Vaporous textures

This summer, you can rely on delicate shades that will come in perfect harmony with the texture of the chosen gown. Let yourself be inspired by the celebrities and choose a turquoise dress from a diaphanous material that you can easily match with a clutch featuring the same shade. Such lightweight fabrics make the evening outfits more elegant and at the same time practical to wear.

  Ermanno Scervino Spring 2017   (Source: Vogue Magazine)  

Ermanno Scervino Spring 2017 (Source: Vogue Magazine)  

Women from all over the world have been conquered by their beauty and elegance. Evening dresses made of veil with pleated bows, featuring either large or loose skirts, with bare shoulders or short sleeves have ranked best among the specialist recommendations of this year.

Vionnet and Luisa Beccaria have felt the inspiration of the modern folding trends. Ermanno Scervino and Marchesa offer midi or long evening dresses featuring wide folds this year. Any woman dressing up in such a beautiful outfit will feel like a princess that evening.

Pastel dresses

If you were invited to a pretentious wedding this summer, the specialists also recommend you to choose a pastel dress that features attractive applications. Why? Because it will be totally worthy of a princess. You can match such a gown with nude sandals and a pink clutch. The end results will be breathtaking!

 Sophisticated Lace

The lace dress is an expression of the style that emphasizes elegance and finesse. For events in which you want a distinct appearance, you will not go wrong if you choose to wear a lace outfit. Match the outfit with classy accessories that follow the same elegant line that never seems to lack appreciation.

Red is the Color of Passion

Red is the answer to all your questions about femininity and elegance. This year, various celebrities have chosen an apparently classic outfit enriched with current, sophisticated accents. Fashion designers place red dresses on the same scale as the little black outfits that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Pink is the Color of Youthfulness

Vibrant pink shades are among the colors that will keep your outfit in trend. Among the most famous designers that recommend the use of this color shade for the evening dresses worn this year are Celine, Balenciaga and Valentino.

Greek inspiration

  Valentino Spring 2017 Couture (Source: Vogue Magazine)

Valentino Spring 2017 Couture (Source: Vogue Magazine)

Less is more and the most popular female celebrities remind us every time that the refinement of a dress consists of simplicity and the right cut to favor your silhouette. If you like fluffy textures and delicate details, choose a Greek-inspired gown in the gray-lavender shade which is ideal for the warm season of 2017.

Flower Power

We are not at all surprised to see that the floral prints have returned this year. The flowers add a feminine and a romantic touch to your evening outfit, in tune with the spring or the summer atmosphere. A 70s floral print dress will be the perfect choice for a cocktail party or for a more demanding event during the next summer days.

The Magic of the Baby Doll Effect

2017 brings a modern version of the royal details to your attention: frills, high collars and elegant dress cuffs, mixed with lace inserts that help achieve the lingerie dress effects we all love so much. These are all pre-requisites of the magic of the baby doll effect that has taken over the world of fashion in the last couple of months.

We hope that you have enjoyed our selection of evening dresses that follow the latest 2017 trends. Fashion shows abound in representative models that you can also consider for your next event. What evening outfit will you choose for the next special occasion when you need to shine like a star?