The last Golden Globes edition brought to the red carpet a multitude of stars wearing outfits which of which more bright, beautiful, simple and „complicated” as well.

We saw there a lot of dresses in the same tone as Laina Couture’s evening and also wedding last collections: Velvet Touch and I love. Coincidental or not, we felt we were there and we dare to say that we’re so proud we can compare our creations with the world’s biggest stars creations worn at 2020 Golden Globes Awards.

We „were” there even if in fact we were physically somewhere else; we „were” there by the simple fact we found many similarities, we have dresses in the same shades, textures, and lines.

The Metamorphose

Maybe the biggest surprise and, in the same time, the common point of 2020 Golden Globes Awards and Laina Couture is the next „metamorphose”: wearing a wedding dress as an evening dress (cocktail, party etc.). The most brave participator of Golden Globes was the American actress Troian Bellisario, which three years after her wedding, revived her bridal look for a second showing, recreating her wedding moment. What do you think? We already have such a „metamorphose-dress”! It’s name is Blanche – a dream of dress, made with lace embroidered with pearls. Blanche can be lightness dressed as a wedding or as an evening dress. At both events, you’ll be you, as you are: amazing, confident, fulfilling, bright, happy.

Laina Couture & Golden Globes similarities

From the sumptuous to the simplest dresses, all our and their creations are made to encourage the modern woman, regardless her society position (a public person or a just a simple one).

Velvet Touch collection adapts to all styles and women. So, at Laina Couture you can find more than a dress, you can meet a creation that fits you as a glove, a creation which you feel is part of you, a creation that you identify with.

Red, black and white together or separated, burgundy, purple or green shades – these all make a real show for the audience eyes and encourages those who wear them, without just or maybe.

Elise, Desiree or Anelisee are just a few examples that make us believe that our inspiration is so close to the world’s designers who made some spectacular red dresses, the color of burning love, omnipresent all over the world, as you can easily see.

It’s a real honor for us to notice the black and white combinations of Golden Globes dresses as you can see also at Laina Couture’s Clarice – a „good” and charming dress at the same time – or Renard – an ultra feminine creation, a refined appearance.

Fabiola evening dress represents with success the burgundy – a colour also seen on the famous red carpet, which reallydenotes sublety and elegance to the smallest details.

Celie made by Laina Couture represents so good the purple, and is a chameleon dress specially for a mesmerizing look.

The very selected transparency (combined with embroidered detailing) and sensuality are highlighted by our Brys, an elegant evening dress, with personality, appropriate to an event where you’ll be amazing and you’ll shine from afar.

Elissa, the green one is a daring dress, such as one of the dresses saw at the mentioned event; considering the color, it’s also „a dress of hope” if you want.

Definitely, we can say we have for you special creations: red carpet dresses for each „star” who chooses us. We’re close to you and we’ll always be.

Allow yourself to shine bright in the Laina Couture’s „diamonds”!