For all future brides, how they dress their bridesmaids on their big wedding day is very important. It goes without saying that, as a glamorous bride to be, you want your bridesmaids to also look great from head to toe because they represent you on your special day.

Just as important as the bridesmaid dresses are the shoes and the accessories that complement the overall look of your gorgeous bridesmaids. Today, we will discover together the greatest styles of 2017 in the category of bridesmaid dresses created to emphasise the emotion behind this special event.

Endless Options to Consider This Year

There are endless styles, materials and models at your disposal this year, each of which is more wonderful than the other. Some dresses are long, others are short, long sleeved, pleated, conical, with or without glitter, sparkles, beads and many other models for you to choose from right now!

If your bridal dress is very loaded and features a lot of accessories meant to adorn it, you might want to choose a simpler bridesmaid dress and vice versa. Among the details that can represent the whole personality of the bridesmaid dress, we can include the colorful shoulders, the beads, the V-neckline and many others. Let’s discover all these together today!

 Satin and lace fabric, with golden waist decoration

Satin and lace fabric, with golden waist decoration

The Material and the Color of the Bridesmaid Dress Are Essential

When it comes to choosing the material of the bridesmaid dress, the most suited ones this year are siphon or satin, which are very feminine and stylish. Do not forget that lace dresses are on top of everyone’s preferences this year as well!

Moreover, you can match these wonderful dresses with special silver, golden or white shoes or even with some colorful ones featuring shades of gorgeous blue, pink, yellow and other simple or bold colors.

Unique patterns in different colors (marsala, pink, cream, blue, green or red), featuring different lengths and materials (with a veil, sequins, lace, silk, naked shoulders) can all be admired and purchased online.

You can now choose any of these varied patterns of bridesmaid dresses with a simpler or a more sophisticated design, featuring different lengths, with precious textures, perfect to wear when you attend the wedding of your best friends!

Perfection Comes from Paying Attention to Details

Carefully selected according to the silhouette type and the contrast between the skin, the color of the eyes and of the hair of the person wearing these, the colors and the textures of the bridesmaid dress can highlight your traits and give you a sophisticated, stylish or playful air according to the image you want to present that day.

The bridesmaids play a very important role in a wedding besides preparing the bachelorette party and preventing the future bride from running on her wedding day. They must help with the preparations that might overwhelm Cinderella at one point. On the big wedding day, they must be there, looking spectacular as if they were taken from a fashion magazine and placed beside the Queen of the event.

Similar or Different Patterns for Special Wedding Themes

 Satin, lace and organza fabric, adorned with golden lace

Satin, lace and organza fabric, adorned with golden lace

When it comes to the bridesmaid dresses, the bride often deals with choosing everything from the colors, the materials and the length of these important dresses. If there are more bridesmaids, the bride must decide whether the dresses should be all the same, feature different patterns in the same color or follow the same dress model but in different colors, depending on the availability of the girls and their special traits as well as the allocated budget.

Although we have seen more models of bridesmaid dresses in darker shades (even in black) lately, we recommend you to choose a colorful bridesmaid dress this year, regardless of its length. When you choose from modern and sensual patterns, you need to pay attention to details so that the bridesmaid dress might feature those special elements that make it the perfect fit for such a special event: sequins, application belts, diamonds, lace accessories or beads.

Delicate, Vaporous, Colourful Dresses with Trendy Prints

Women who have the honor of being the help of a modern Cinderella should remember a few things, especially the fact that they should not try to eclipse the bride by choosing a white bridesmaid dress. For the future bridesmaids, the creators have prepared all sorts of special, elegant and vaporous dresses of different sizes and textures.

 Peachy pink satin, lace and lace fabrics decorated with 3D hand embroideiry 

Peachy pink satin, lace and lace fabrics decorated with 3D hand embroideiry 

Although the long ones emanate the special elegance worthy of a wedding, bridesmaids who prefer short variants also have where to choose these from these days. A delicate bridesmaid dress featuring trendy prints and vivid colours such as purple and pink will help you achieve your goals as bridesmaids perfectly that day regardless of its length or your body shape.

Follow the Theme of the Wedding and the Style of the Bride

By covering only one shoulder or maybe by featuring a corset on the top, the bridesmaid dress must be in accordance with the model of the dress worn by the bride as well as the wedding theme. If the bride chooses to follow the wedding model of Duchess Kate Middleton for example, that means that your dress should cover the same range as her dress, so you will most likely choose a cream or a pastel bridesmaid dress. You will look perfect wearing it and together with the bride, all you girls will be picture perfect that day!

Do Not Worry So Much about the 90-60-90 Beauty Standard

With a well-chosen outfit and an attitude that only you can fully control, you will manage to be a perfect bridesmaid this year regardless of your body shape and size. There are also gorgeous XXL evening and bridesmaid dresses that you can choose. Select the one that will turn you into the most beautiful bridesmaid this year!

So what if you do not feature the size of a perfect modern model? With a proper bridesmaid dress, a discreet makeup and a sensual attitude, you can make a good impression on anyone but especially on yourself! And no, we have not forgotten those gorgeous pregnant bridesmaids! Be stylish at any wedding wearing a gorgeous bridesmaid dress for future moms if you are included in this category!

Smile, wear your gorgeous bridesmaid dress proudly and enjoy the greatest event of this year with your friends and family!