Organising a fashion show and attending one are challenging yet pleasant and rewarding tasks for those in charge of bringing innovative concepts in front of an imposing audience. Being one step ahead in what concerns the planning of every detail behind the scenes is the key factor that governs the success of such imposing events. The best recent work of the most talented professionals in the industry is made public at the most famous fashion events of the year.

The reaction of the audience represents the main element that decides the level of success of any fashion show. As far as the Harrogate Bridal Show goes, we can say, as participants, that 2017 was definitely the year of innovation and great outcomes for those who have presented their works of art. Moreover, it was the vivid proof of true enthusiasm featured by those who have attended the event as special guests in the audience. Unmistakable styles in the bridal fashion industry have reached the surface this year, standing in the spotlight as the new must-have elements of the near future.

The enthusiastic audience was there to receive the new concepts with eagerness and get a first glimpse of the newest collections. The emotions transmitted through the special works of art of every show participant have created a special overall atmosphere at the event. We are glad to have had the chance to experience the on-spot reactions of those who have visited us during the event. They are the real reward for the hard work behind these events due to their interest in the works of art presented in front of them, the enthusiasm that governs their reactions and their true recognition of dedication and talent.

  Rêve de fleur 2018 Bridal Collection -  Harrogate Bridal Show 2017  Rêve de fleur 2018 Bridal Collection –  Harrogate Bridal Show 2017

Harrogate Bridal Show: An Overall Picture of the Atmosphere behind the Scenes

Everything was out of the ordinary in a good way at the Harrogate Bridal Show this year. New names on the list, runaway show times, true talent all around and the most attractive collections to remember. The premium brands have made their usual appearance in the spotlight alongside the new talents that have just started their path in the fashion industry. The audience was there to experience everything with the enthusiasm that only the most avid fashion lovers can express.

The trend-setting collections have attracted the attention of the audience from the beginning until the end. Furthermore, the imposing, cutting-edge concepts of the year presented at the Harrogate Bridal Show have opened new paths for innovation in the future. Everyone was impressed somehow at this event because every participant had something special to present and every person in the audience had something unique to experience and appreciate. The vibrant expectations of the public were fully met this year if we were to analyse the reactions of those who have visited us during the event.

We thank those who have spent a few moments with us at this special gathering as well as those who have noticed our presence from a distance. Such live reactions, direct interactions and connections with the enthusiastic audience are the elements that conclude the successful outcomes of such special events!